About Us


We are a family run small business based in Scotland. We are of the belief that spiritual health is as important as physical health, which is why we created our range of jewellery to offer you wearable wellbeing tools that look and make you feel good.

We’re sisters Sharon and Lorraine and we’re both holistic therapists. We started our wellbeing business back in 2012 and along the way have merged our love and knowledge of design to create our handmade reiki-charged crystal jewellery collection. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand with the intention that it will give you a loving boost of crystal and reiki healing every time you wear it.

More about Holistichem

Sustainability matters to us too, so we use durable sustainable stainless steel in all our jewellery designs. You’ll only find responsibly sourced crystals too. Ethics is important and we do our utmost to strive towards practices that respect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

We’re passionate about all things wellbeing. We love reiki, crystals and angels. We incorporate all of these healing energies in our monthly group distance reiki sessions as well as our jewellery. We also wrote a wellbeing book in 2015 packed full of holistic living tips. Everything we do is infused with so much love and positivity to help you create a mindful moment of wellbeing.

We’re fully qualified to practitioner level in reiki, crystal healing, chakra balancing and angel healing. We’re qualified in lots of other holistic therapies too, including meditation, nutritional therapy and stress management. We combine our toolbox of therapies to create our offerings and share them with you to help nurture your spiritual self in mind, body and soul.

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