Spiritual Incense Trio


This Spiritual Incense Trio features a box each of Satya Seven Chakra incense, Satya Reiki Power incense and Satya Spiritual Healing incense to create a peaceful fragrance for your home and your crystals.

A great way to clear the atmosphere, remove negative energy and introduce positive vibes. Can also be used alongside meditation/yoga practice and energy healing.

We hand select each item and create the collection with love, care and positive intention. All of the incense is non-toxic and mindfully-chosen to promote wellbeing.

Ideal as a thoughtful gift or as a self-care treat for yourself.

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Included in this Spiritual Incense Trio: 1 box of Satya Seven Chakra incense, 1 box of Satya Reiki Power incense and 1 box of Satya Spiritual Healing incense.

Ideal for cleansing your home, environment and crystals, this collection of beautifully scented incense is hand-rolled and made using high quality ingredients using artisanal methods. This trio of incense are great for use in meditation, yoga and healing practices bringing peace and tranquility. Each has a distinctive smell yet is not too overpowering.

Simply light the incense and allow it burn for as long as required (please use an incense holder and never leave a lit item unattended). Each stick has approximately 45 minutes burn time. You can also carefully waft the incense smoke around crystals to cleanse them.

We hand select and create our Spiritual Incense Trio and have chosen a selection of our favourite incenses. Each is non-toxic and free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Contains 12 sticks per box.

Incense supplied in recyclable Satya branded cardboard boxes. Packaged into a recyclable cardboard box for posting.