Group Distance Reiki


Are you looking for something that promotes healing, harmony and balance? Join our group distance healing and receive distance reiki starting on Sunday 1st October for 24 hours. During this intuitive session, we will be sending a gentle yet powerful flow of distance reiki. Flowing for a full 24 hours, all you need to do is receive and let the reiki energy raise your vibration.

Will also include a crystal grid incorporating additional crystal healing, an angel card pull and a channelled affirmation for the group.

Sent remotely, so you can enjoy the calming energy of reiki wherever you are. Rest and relax or go about your day as normal – either way the reiki flows to you. As reiki healing can be sent distantly, there is no need to be present to receive it. Similar to wi-fi and radiowaves, reiki energy can reach you from afar.

We will email you with details of the group crystal grid, angel card and channelled affirmation on the day of the healing. You will be given tips on how to benefit from your session when booking.



Group distance reiki helps to soothe and balance body, mind and soul. Reiki energy goes where it is needed and always works for your highest good. It knows exactly where to go – whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Reiki has many benefits and can help everyone who sets the intention to receive it. In particular, reiki can promote increased wellbeing, relaxation, improved sleep, pain relief, less anxiety and mental clarity. Reiki can also help to promote natural balance, strengthen the immune system, clear energy blockages and awaken intuition. It provides us with an opportunity to slow down and unwind helping us to let go of any stress. Reiki healing is an act of self-care and has a profound effect on health, wellness and spiritual growth.

Following group distance reiki, you may feel less stressed, experience increased healing and generally feel much calmer. Distance reiki has the same benefits as an in-person session. Reiki energy transcends time and space. It also can be sent to many people at the same time. We connect energetically to you from our sacred healing space and it doesn’t matter where you are, reiki will find you if you are willing to receive it.

When we work with group distance reiki, we send the energy to the whole group. At the same time, we also intend that the energy flows to each individual. Group distance reiki does not dilute the power of the healing in any way whatsoever. Reiki is an amazing holistic and spiritual therapy that flows to each and everyone who wishes to receive it.

We don’t use technology during the group healing. We set the intention to send you reiki and it will flow to you throughout the day. We will keep in touch via email, however, the actual distance reiki healing takes place offline. All you have to do is relax in the knowledge that an uninterrupted flow of energy is being sent to you.

We also use crystals in our reiki sessions to enhance the reiki energy with crystal healing energy and pull an angel oracle card for guidance from the angelic realm. Sharon will also channel an affirmation from the angels also which is shared only with group members.

We will sending 24 hours distance reiki from 11am on Sunday 1st October until 11am on Monday 2nd October so you can relax and access the energy as it is being sent. You will also be able to enjoy reiki healing as you sleep as that group session continues energetically throughout the night into the next morning. As it is sent remotely, you don’t need to do anything to receive this reiki. You can go about your day as normal or take some time out to relax. Either way the loving flow of distance reiki will be sent to you over the course of 24 hours. You do not have to be present with the practitioner to receive it. We will contact you via email with further information about the group distance reiki upon booking. Available to adults aged 18 years and over.

As qualified Reiki Practitioners, we work with Usui Reiki as well as other reiki styles as well as crystal healing to provide an intuitive group healing session for you. Sharon is also a Certified Angel Guide and works with various angelic energies. She is also a channel for angelic messages and affirmations. During the healing session, you will be receiving distance reiki from both of us. You will receive a follow up email with details of the crystals used and the angel oracle card that we intuitively pull for the group. We’ll also share an affirmation that Sharon channels alongside the angels as well as a photograph of your crystal grid. We will keep in touch with you via email throughout the process.

While the distance reiki healing will remain the same with every group healing, the energy present at each session will be intuitively guided and may differ or be influenced by planetary, lunar or seasonal energies. Likewise the energies of angels as well as ascended masters and light beings may vary with each session. Any divine energies felt will always be shared with you in the follow up email.

Reiki has no adverse effects and you can only receive as much reiki as you need. Let it rebalance and realign you as and where needed.

Spaces are limited so that we can create a small and intimate group healing for each person. Whilst the energy is being sent to the group, it will also flow to each individual. Please be assured that, although we are sending energy to each member of the group, your personal information will not be disclosed.

Please note: If you live out with the UK and would like a distance reiki session, please contact us to arrange this.