Cleansing Duo


This Cleansing Duo includes a desert sage stick and a Palo Santo stick to cleanse your home, yourself and your crystals.

A great way to clear the atmosphere, remove negative energy and introduce positive vibes. Can also be used alongside meditation/yoga practice and energy healing.

We hand select each piece and create this duo with love, care and positive intention. All of the included items are from ethical and sustainable sources and mindfully-chosen to promote wellbeing.

Ideal as a thoughtful gift or as a self-care treat for yourself.

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Included in this Cleansing Duo: 1 desert sage stick and 1 Palo Santo stick.

This collection can be used in various ways. You can use it to cleanse your home, your own aura or your crystals. Burn the desert sage and Palo Santo to remove and release negative energies. Waft the smoke around your home or yourself or simply let it burn in an abalone shell/fireproof dish (never leave a lit item unattended). The desert sage and Palo Santo can be used separately to clear unwanted energy and boost positivity.

We hand select and create our Cleansing Duo. 100% cotton string on sage for clean burning. Each stick is approximately 3.5-4″ (9.5-10cm) long. The desert sage stick and Palo Santo stick are sustainably/ethically sourced. The desert sage is traditionally collected in New Mexico, USA. The Palo Santo is traditionally and legally harvested from Northern Peru.

Sage is considered a sacred herb and has been used for centuries by Native Americans in smudging ceremonies. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by South American countries in spiritual ceremonies.

Instructions for use are included. Presented in a biodegradable/recycled cellophane bag and recycled tissue paper. Packaged into a recyclable cardboard box for posting.

As this is a hand-selected item, natural variations and size difference in the sticks may occur and the colour shown may differ due to screen resolution.