Cleansing Collection


Cleanse and purify the energy of your home, your crystals and yourself with this ultimate Cleansing Collection. A  great way to clear the atmosphere, remove negative energy and introduce positive vibes.

In this collection you will find an abalone shell, a desert sage stick, a Palo Santo stick and a piece of raw Selenite crystal as well as Satya White Sage incense, Satya Palo Santo incense and an ash catcher incense holder.

We hand select each piece and create the collection with love, care and positive intention. The Selenite crystal is also reiki-charged, infusing it with healing energy to serve your highest good. All of the included items are from sustainable sources and mindfully-chosen to promote wellbeing.

Ideal as a self-care treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

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This ultimate Cleansing Collection has been put together to meet all your energy clearing needs.

Included in this collection:

1 abalone shell, this shell can be used to catch ash and extinguish the cleansing sticks. Abalone shells are traditionally used in Native American rituals, commonly with sage. Abalone shells are thought to have peaceful and protective properties.

1 desert sage stick (also known as blue sage) which is traditionally used to remove unwanted, negative and stagnant energies. Our mini desert sage is ethically and sustainable sourced from New Mexico. 100% cotton string on sage for clean burning. Sage is considered a sacred herb and has been used for centuries by Native Americans in smudging ceremonies.

1 Palo Santo stick (also known as Holy Wood) which is traditionally used to cleanse your space and welcome in positive energy. Our Palo Santo is ethically and sustainable sourced from Northern Peru. It is fair trade and legally harvested. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by South American countries in spiritual ceremonies.

1 raw crystal Selenite stick which is high-vibratory stone that can be used to sweep around to clear the aura as well as cleanse and recharge other crystals. To do this place in contact with crystals for anything from a few minutes to 24 hours to purify stones. We also reiki-charge the Selenite crystal for an extra boost of healing energy.

1 box of Satya white sage incense which is hand rolled and made with high quality ingredients using artisanal methods. It has purifying properties as well as being non-toxic. Contains 12 sticks per box.

1 box of Satya Palo Santo incense which is hand rolled and made with high quality ingredients using artisanal methods. It is non-toxic and has properties beneficial to cleansing. Contains 12 sticks per box.

1 ash catcher incense holder which is made from sustainable mango wood.

This collection can be used in various ways. You can use it to cleanse your home, your own aura or your crystals. When burning the sage and Palo Santo cleansing sticks, you can waft the smoke around your home or yourself or simply let it burn in the abalone shell. When using incense, simply light and allow it to burn for as long as desired using the holder to catch any ash. Each stick has approximately 45 minutes burn time. You can also carefully waft the incense smoke in the same way as the cleansing sticks. Whatever method you choose to use never leave a lit item unattended.

Instructions and full details are included. All products are presented in recycled/recyclable/biodegradable packaging.

As this is a hand-selected item, natural variations and size difference in the shell/sticks/stone may occur and the colour shown may differ due to screen resolution.

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