Chakra Crystal Wellbeing Collection


This Crystal Wellbeing Collection features genuine crystals that are said to promote balance within the chakras. Includes Black Obsidian, Carnelian, Golden Tiger Eye, Unakite, Sodalite, Fluorite and Snow Quartz.

We hand select each crystal and create the collection with love, care and positive intention. These crystals are also reiki-charged, infusing them with healing energy to serve the recipient’s highest good.

These crystals represent the chakra system. Work with these to reap the benefits of crystal healing. Each tumblestone works together energetically or can also be used individually.

Ideal for gift-giving or a treat for yourself.

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Included in this Chakra collection: 1Black Obsidian (1st/root chakra), 1 Carnelian (2nd/sacral chakra), 1 Golden Tiger Eye (3rd/solar plexus chakra), 1 Unakite (4th/heart chakra), 1 Sodalite (5th/throat chakra), 1 Fluorite (6th/brow chakra), 1 Snow Quartz (7th/crown chakra)

This collection can be used in various ways. The tumblestones can be used separately or together. Pick a stone that represents each chakra that you wish to work on. You can also lay a crystal on each chakra and relax for 15 minutes or longer if you would like a crystal healing treatment. Ideal also for using during meditation or in crystal grids. We also include a small satin bag for you to pop your stones in.

We hand select and create our Crystal Wellbeing Collection. We reiki-charge each crystal with healing energy and cleanse with Selenite as this crystal has a purifying effect.

Instructions and tumblestone details are included. Presented in handmade packaging using a biodegradable cellophane bag and recyclable card. Packaged into a recyclable cardboard box for posting.

As this is a hand-selected item, natural variations and size difference in the stones may occur and the colour shown may differ due to screen resolution.