Angel Oracle Card Reading


Receive an angel oracle card reading to provide guidance, insight and support with empowering messages and affirmations from the angelic realm. The oracle cards will be charged with reiki energy to serve your highest good and enhance angelic connection. Crystals are also used to empower and amplify the energy of your three card reading.

Conducted via email, so you can enjoy your reading wherever you are in the world. As it is carried out remotely, there is no need to be present to receive it. Using reiki-charged angel oracle cards, we act as a channel for the angels to share their unconditional love and wisdom. We also incorporate crystals into readings.

Includes a follow up email with details of your angel card reading including pictures, relevant messages that are received and information about crystals used.



An angel oracle card reading can provide advice and assistance in a powerful yet compassionate way by connecting with angelic energies. Three cards will be intuitively selected and interpreted for you along with any messages and affirmations that are received during your reading. Reiki and crystals are also used to enhance the reading.

Angel oracle cards feature inspirational illustrations and positive messages from angels who wish to assist you on your journey. Oracle cards are not a form of fortune telling, cannot predict the future or give you information that you must follow. Instead, they provide loving guidance and insight to empower you.

The angel oracle cards are reiki-charged at the start of each reading to enhance angelic connection and to help keep the energy of the cards cleansed and aligned. Crystals are also used, alongside reiki, to empower and amplify the energy of your reading.

We will arrange a time to send your angel oracle card reading. Performed remotely, it will be prepared for you and sent once the cards have been selected for you and the relevant messages received. Upon purchase, we will contact you via email to confirm your angel reading.

As a Certified Angel Guide, Sharon provides intuitive angel oracle card readings channelling angelic guidance and healing combined with reiki and crystal energy. You will receive a follow up email with details of your angel card reading including photographs of the cards selected for you, interpretation of messages that are received from the angels and information about the crystals used. We will keep in touch with you via email throughout the process.

Ideal as a stand-alone reading, this can also be purchased at the same time as a distance reiki session if you would like to combine both.

In accordance with UK law, all readings and guidance are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy. All participants are responsible for their life choices and all sales are final. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for any professional, legal and or medical advice. Available to adults aged 18 years and over.

Please note: If you live out with the UK and would like an angel oracle card reading, please contact us to arrange this.