Angel Healing Collection


Nurture your connection to the angels with this Angel Healing Collection. We’ve hand selected these 7 pieces that will strengthen your relationship with the angelic realm.

In this collection you will find an Angelite angel wing necklace, a Honey Calcite crystal angel, a Blue Quartz crystal thumbstone, a Selenite crystal ball, an angel coin as well as Stamford Angel Healing incense and Stamford Angel Dust incense.

Curated with love, care and positive intention. Each crystal piece included is also reiki-charged for an added boost of healing energy.

This collection is perfect as a reminder that angels are always present and near. Great as a gift to yourself or as a thoughtful offering to any angel lovers in you life.

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This Angel Healing collection has been created by us to include a selection of products that enhance your connection to the angels.

Included in this Angel Healing collection:

1 Angelite Angel Wing necklace. Angelite is said to symbolise peace, calmness and spirituality. This stone is particularly great for assisting you in connecting with the angel realm. This necklace features an antique bronze Tibetian zinc angel wing charm and an Angelite bead. Suspended on a silver plated curb necklace. Fastens with a silver plated lobster clasp. Chain measures approximately 18″ (45.72cm).

1 Honey Calcite crystal angel which is said to symbolise creativity, confidence and courage. This can be used in various ways. You can place it in your home, carry it with you and place it by your bedside or under your pillow. You can also put it in your pocket, purse/wallet or hold it in your hand to absorb the crystal healing energy. This measures approximately 3.5cm/35mm tall.

1 Blue Quartz crystal thumbstone. This is said to symbolise peace, calmness and happiness. It can assist spiritual communication, particularly with angels. Blue is associated with Archangel Michael, who is one of the easiest angels to connect with and offers protection. Thumbstones are soothing to hold, handy to carry with you and are also great for using during meditation.

1 Selenite crystal ball. This crystal cleanses any environment of negative energies. It is also a high-vibratory stone that enhances spiritual awareness and angelic connection. Ideal for keeping at your bedside, under your pillow or carrying with you. It is also great to use for cleansing other crystals, simply place next to them to purify their energies.

1 Protected by Angels which has a look and feel of a collectible coin. Ideal for keeping in either your pocket or purse and a great way to always have an angel with you at all times. It measures approximately 3cm/1.25″ in diameter. Coins are made of a 260 alloy, consisting of 70% copper and 30% zinc, with a nickel coating.

1 box of Stamford Angel Healing incense which has a calming lavender scent.

1 box of Stamford Angel Dust incense which has a lovely floral aroma of lily.

This incense is non-toxic and includes natural and ethically sourced ingredients. It is hand rolled and made using artisanal methods. Each box contains 20 sticks. Burn these to heighten and bring awareness to your angelic connection.

Instructions and full details are included. All products are presented in recycled/recyclable packaging.

As these items are hand selected, natural variations and size difference in crystals may occur and the colour shown may differ due to screen resolution.

All crystals included in this collection, as well as the handmade necklace, are reiki-charged by us to provide the recipient with an extra boost of healing energy.

Packaged into a recyclable cardboard box for posting.