Abundance Collection


Abundance is available to us all, we’re each entitled to it, and there is enough in the world for everyone. To keep you in this vibration we created our Abundance Collection.

With a selection of crystal all known to promote abundance, a Chinese coin for good fortune and non-toxic incense we have curated this collection to encourage you feel prosperous and to help attract abundance into your life.

Make it part of your manifestation rituals, carry your crystals with you, pop the coin in your purse or burn the incense whilst you meditate. There’s lots of ways for you, or someone special, to use it.

Created with love, care and positive intention. Each crystal piece included is also reiki-charged for an extra boost of healing energy.

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We put together this Abundance Collection to assist you in attracting abundance into your life.

Included in this collection:

4 tumblestone crystals each picked for their properties associated with abundance. These are Tree Agate, Moss Agate, Sunstone and Golden Tiger Eye. Carry your crystals with you, pop them around your home or workspace to reap the benefits of crystal healing. Also great for keeping in your purse or beside money to attract more of it. Each tumblestone works together or can be used individually.

1 Green Aventurine crystal thumbstone, which is said to symbolise not only abundance but also gratitude and happiness. A secret to obtaining abundance is to be grateful and happy. When you do this, you allow abundance to flow to you. It is for this reason that we decided this stone was perfect to include in our Abundance Collection. Thumbstones are calming to hold and are easy to carry with you in either a pocket or bag, They are also great to used during meditation, which is one of the best times to focus on what you desire to manifest.

1 Chinese coin, which are traditionally given as a blessing of good luck and fortune. Used in Feng-Shui and also known as I-Ching coins. You can place them in your purse, bag or around the home to welcome a vibration of prosperity.

1 box of Stamford Prosperity incense which has a soft woody scent of sandalwood. Contains 20 sticks.

1 box of Satya Fortune incense which has an exotic and citrus scent. Contains 12 sticks.

Burn these to invite wealth and happiness into your life. Ideal to use in manifestation to assist in focusing on that which you desire. in this case abundance.

This incense is non-toxic and includes natural and ethically sourced ingredients. It is hand rolled and made using artisanal methods.

Instructions and full details are included.

All crystals included in this collection are reiki-charged by us to provide an added boost of healing energy.

As these products are hand selected, natural variations and size differences may occur. Colour may also differ due to screen resolution.

All products are presented in recycled/recyclable packaging.

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