Group Reiki

How does it work?

We send reiki via group distance healing at a specific pre-arranged time. We send the energy to the whole group. At the same time, we also intend that the energy flows to each individual. Group distance reiki does not dilute the power of the healing in any way whatsoever. Reiki is an amazing holistic and spiritual therapy that flows to each and everyone who wishes to receive it. We also include crystal healing energy and an angel card message as part of our group sessions.

More about group distance reiki sessions

What do I have to do during the distance reiki session?

You do not need to anything in particular to receive group distance reiki. By booking your place in the group, you have shown that you are willing to receive this energy which is always sent for your highest good.

As we send it remotely, there is no need for you to connect with us via any technology. We send reiki energy via traditional distance reiki methods, so apart from emails from us, we are connecting energetically.

This distance reiki will be flowing to you for 24 hours. You can go about your day as normal knowing that this flow of energy is being sent to you. Reiki is intelligent and will always go where it is directed. It will always find you!

Whilst you do not have to, if it helps you can say “I am now receiving reiki from Sharon and Lorraine of Holistichem”. You can say this aloud or silently to yourself. Stating your intention can help you connect with us. Of course, the reiki will flow to you whether you do this or not. Just do what feels best for you.

If you are able to relax at some point during the session, this can allow you to unwind and tune into the energy although this is completely optional and the distance reiki will reach you whether you do this or not.

You can also use this distance healing as an opportunity to show yourself some self-love. If you choose to do this, it can be nice (but in no way necessary) to spend some time listening to relaxing music, light a candle, burn some incense, diffuse essential oils or whatever else helps you to create a calm environment. Perhaps you’d like to have a blanket or throw on hand to cover yourself as the body tends to cool down as you relax.

You can also spend time relaxing by watching a good movie or reading a book too. If you can take it easy, you will definitely reap the benefits of slowing down so that your mind, body and soul can integrate the reiki healing energy.

Whatever you choose to do during the group healing, you can be assured that you will always be receiving reiki energy from us over the course of the 24 hours.

We recommend that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to help facilitate the healing process. If possible, please avoid excessive alcohol to allow your body to absorb the healing energy. Remember, tea and coffee contains caffeine, so you might like to reduce your consumption or opt for caffeine-free, de-caffeinated or herbal options. Tune in and listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. Relax, rest, sleep, eat nourishing foods and show yourself some self-care.

How does reiki feel?

During the time that you are receiving distance reiki, you may sense the reiki energy flowing to you. This typically is experienced as tingling, coolness or heat in your hands, feet or other areas of your body. You might also be aware of seeing colours as you relax with your eyes closed. You might also feel nothing at all. Either way is completely normal.

As the distance reiki will be sent to you for 24 hours, you will receive a continued flow throughout the night into the following morning. Again, you may not be physically aware of this but it will be sent with the intention of promoting a restful night’s sleep.

What should I do after receiving distance reiki?

We recommend that you continue to drink plenty of water into the next day following the session. This is really important as it helps to flush out toxins that can be released during your session. Remember, reiki works on an energetic level and can clear blockages in the physical body as well as on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Drinking lots of water allows the body to absorb the healing energy. We also recommend, wherever possible, that you reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake to assist the body in integrating the reiki energy. We want to remove toxins, not add more in.

Again, listen to what your body is telling you what it needs. If you need to rest or feel like eating a little lighter the next day, then this is exactly what your body needs at this time. Of course, you can absolutely go about your usual day-to-day activities also. Reiki doesn’t prevent you from doing this and we understand that you may have commitments.

It is possible that you might feel some effects of your treatment. This is a natural part of the healing process and is a sign that energy is shifting and rebalancing. You may feel tired, emotional, experience headaches or increased urination. This is temporary and should last no longer than 24-48 hours. Some people have no after effects which is also perfectly normal. Reiki can do no harm and always works for your highest good.

Reiki continues to work for at least another day after it has been sent, so you will still be receiving the benefits of reiki energy for a day or so following your session. You might like to make time to consciously relax whilst you are integrating the energy. As little as 5-10 minutes can be really helpful. Be guided by how you feel, there is no wrong or right way. Just remember to drinks lots of water!

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